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Laser Surgery

After the age of forty-five, the majority of patients will require reading glasses (Presbyopia). This condition is brought on by the natural ‘stiffening’ of the lens inside your eye. This causes problems with worsening of reading vision requiring reading, bifocal or varifocal glasses.

If both eyes are fully corrected following Laser Eye Surgery, then short-sighted patients who remove their glasses to read will require glasses for close up work. With Monovision, one eye is treated to provide good distance vision and the other eye is deliberately left a little short-sighted for close-up work. This is an excellent compromise, however it can take a long time to get used to. Monovision can be trialled by wearing contact lenses of different strengths. You should discuss this during your consultation.

Presbyond® Laser Blended Vision

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision from ZEISS is an advanced method for treating patients with age-related loss of accommodation, also known as presbyopia. It offers the opportunity to achieve freedom from glasses by combining the simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive surgery with the benefits of increased depth of field in retaining visual quality. As a surgical solution based on the naturally occurring spherical aberrations of the eye, PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision extends the scope of customized ablation beyond the limits of conventional monovision laser methods in several ways. Whether for its customized treatment profiles, its visual acuity at all distances, its indications range or its immediate impact, PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is a clear treatment choice for the fast growing demographic of patients with presbyopia.

Dominant Eye

for Distance Vision

Non-dominant Eye

for Near Vision


Blended Vision Simulation

with both Eyes


PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision factors in the preoperative wavefront data and the functional age of the patient´s eye.

All Distances
PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is the way of treating presbyopic patients that aims to achieve sharply focused vision at all distances: near, intermediate and far – with virtually no compromises.
Most patients can read the very same day. 
PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is effective for treating a wide range of patients.
Emmetropic Presbyopic
Presbyond Zeiss.png

Lens Treatments

for Reading Glasses

Learn about lens exchange treatments offering you you a full range of vision and freedom from glasses


Which is

Right for me?

A comprehensive eye exam and consultation with Amir can determine which procedure is the best for you. If you would like to learn if Presbyond or Distance correction is the best option for you contact for a free no obligation consultation.

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